Cookies are part of the basic diet of all families, whether sweet or salty are the ideal companions at school or work, to complement a rich dish or to enjoy at any time of the day.

We offer you the best packaging technology for the protection and commercialization of your product.



We have a vast experience in laminated packaging for biscuits such as laminations BOPP/BOPP, BOPP/metallized BOPP, BOPP/BOPP CAST, BOPP/PEBD, etc... In different calibers and for standard speed and high speed equipment. All the previous ones with the best quality of impression for the best impact on the final consumers.
For this segment we have laminations with metallics that offer high barrier packaging, extended shelf life and better performance characteristics for high speed machines.
We offer the alternative to work with oxodegradable films friendly to the environment for customers who require them.
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