At PEPSA we have always conceived our social responsibility as a commitment to the society that surrounds us.

We assume an active position in front of the challenges that our society demands, since in PEPSA we have a consistent commitment with people and the environment; We know that it is fundamental to work in community for the construction of a better future.

PEPSA recognizes Corporate Social Responsibility as an essential part of its Business Philosophy, under the following pillars of Group La Moderna:

Compliance with Standards:
The ethical business conduct as well as compliance with laws, rules and regulations are fundamental aspects of the culture of PEPSA.

Human Resources:
PEPSA strives to create a diverse and dynamic business climate that supports, motivates and contributes to the development of its employees.

Quality and Service:
At PEPSA we care about offering products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers in a satisfactory and reliable way.

PEPSA recognizes the importance of the environment for new generations and that is why it strives to reduce its environmental footprint in the world.

PEPSA is committed to having sustainable business practices and working towards a better future for society. In addition, it carries out activities that respond to the needs of the communities in which it is located.

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Tel.: +52 (712) 122-29-10